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608-1F Railroad Square 

Our current location is unusable. We will be closed in Railroad Square until further notice. To help please order here or donate at Check Instagram & Facebook for where we will be around town!

Stop using detergents! It's time to use real soap again!

Here at Blake's Body Bars we believe everyone and their families should have access to "real" soap without all the chemicals and other harmful additives that commercial soap contain today. We provide handmade Hot Processed (which is seen as the superior, and most challenging method of soap preparation) artisan soap made entirely from scratch. Choose your favorite scent and experience pure relaxation when you use one of our Bars loaded with ONLY 100% pure essential oils. No need for diffusers when you have a "Blake's Body Bar" in your Bathroom That's for sure! If you are a natural soap lover like we are, you know how hard it can be to find an affordable and reliable source. We have Affordable subscription plans available that will put your favorite Bars in your shower monthly with tons of SAVINGS. We're at the Tallahassee Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday , So come on out and see us and all of our bars in person or shop online!       Thanks for your support.

                                  -The Blake's

My family and I are obsessed with your products! We purchased several soaps, a body butter and a couple of roll ons! I couldn’t be happier! I love the way they smell on me. Breathing in the essential oils throughout my day is super relaxing and invigorating! I can feel and see big improvements in my skin since I started using! Thank you so much for your gifts! From our family to yours!

Diane D

I was hesitant to tell everybody about Blake's Body Bars because I was being selfish but I guess I'll tell you about it. The husband and wife team treated my mom and I with care and consideration. They gave us knowledge regarding their product as well. If you haven't gone yet to experience the best holistic skin care products in the world, what's holding you up? Sweet dreams is my favorite. Don't wait. If you can't go to the store, go to their website and order. You haven't gone yet? Get on! Go, Go, Go!!

Bernard J.

Everyone should experience the soaps from Blake's Body Bars. They are heavenly! Blake's offers different kinds of soaps for all different types of skin. There are a variety of scents and colors and you can even place a custom order if they don't have exactly what you want! I have dry, sensitive skin with eczema and am also very sensitive to fragrance, and Blake's Body Bars' unscented, dye-free soaps are perfect for me! Can you believe that they have 5 different types of unscented, dye free soaps? Most companies offer one or none at all. One of my favorites is the Honey Oatmeal infused soap. It's lovely! This time I am also trying the Green Tea Honey (unscented), Lemonhead (lemongrass scent) and Charcoal bars which smell wonderous, but not overwhelming. I'm looking forward to trying the Tumeric Tea Honey, Coffee and the Lullaby (a mixture of frankincense and lavender).Blake's Body Bars also offers other skin care products like natural loofah sponges, organic body butter and body oils (although I have not tried those yet). As if it couldn't get any better, they ship! I love my soap and will be having bars shipped out to friends and family as holiday gifts this year. A friend and I will also be attending Blake's soap making class next month and will be taking home our own loaves of personally made soap!I could not love this soap anymore than I already do! The fact that I'm supporting a small, local business is just icing on the cake, or should I say oatmeal in the soap!


About Us

Rio Blake

Soap Sniffer

We are the Blake's! Soap started as a hobby and turned into something more! We started making soap because our oldest daughter suffers from eczema and we needed something that she could use without worrying about a breakout! We now have five children and this is all we use! We wanted to share it with everyone.